Spring Cleaning!

While it has technically been ‘spring’ since March 20th, this winter has been extremely harsh both in terms of weather conditions and its toll on me, and I haven’t let myself really believe it’s finally spring until this weekend. We’ve had a little bit of snow in the last week but no real accumulation and the 10-day forecast only has temperatures dipping close to freezing once or twice. I’m letting myself believe!

With welcoming in my favorite season comes spring cleaning! You know – because I can finally take things out to the garbage or hang things up outside without a) fearing for my life on the ice and b) not freezing my butt off.

In this last year my book collection has grown in size almost exponentially. I finally started letting myself purchase books again because I finally felt I had enough financial stability to do so (feels good, man) and it felt like it was time to finally graduate from my college student mentality of I need to keep my books to a minimum to make constant moving easier. This means that at some point in time this spring I will be purchasing an actual book case instead of the small, pathetic excuse for a shelf I have right now and my house will (hopefully!) cease being filled with stacks of books EVERYWHERE.

One of my Spring Clean purge piles

But, in addition to actually getting a proper home for my books, I do plan on re-evaluating what I own and downsizing a bit to make room for new book babies. Once upon a time, many many years ago I used to do this with minimal success but I’m hoping now that as a ‘mature adult’ and with it being the day and age of the digital book, that I can manage to let go of books I probably won’t read again. So far I’ve got a stack of around two dozen books stacked in various piles to donate or find someone to send them off to as I do try to find special homes for signed books.

This whole process does have me curious, though, as to how other book lovers deal with their collections. Do they go through and downsize every so often? How often? Does anyone else feel immense guilt in sending a book away that they thought they were going to love? I can’t be the only one, right? There’s also immense guilt with getting rid of books that were gifts that just didn’t quite hit the mark with me. I have mixed feelings about books as gifts in general but that’s a whole different discussion for another time.

Do you do any sort of spring cleaning of your shelves? What do you do to keep your collections in check? Are you just happy it’s spring? Let me know in the comments!

1 thought on “Spring Cleaning!”

  1. Great topic. I’m quite lucky in that fact that my dad built me two huge bookshelves that go down a length of a hall. Thankfully I had a spot in my house to do that. I also have a couple more larger bookshelves in my living room so I do have lots of room for books. However, the way I buy books, it still fills up fast so I have to go through every so often and start pulling stuff I don’t like or am no longer interested in.

    Followed your blog 🙂


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