Book-Time Buddies: Ducky

It’s Milton!

Once upon a time, Mari was asking around on twitter for blog post ideas. For those of you who don’t know Mari, she blogs here but more importantly, she has the cutest little dog. His name is Milton, which is a perfect dog name. There’s something about dogs with human names that just gets me good – anyone else? Anyways, I requested a post about Milton because I obviously need more good boys in my life and just look at him! This is not a post about Milton. Honestly? I wish it could be. But if you want to read about him, you can check out this post! It’s honestly so much sweeter than I could have ever hoped for 😭 💕

The reason I asked for a post about Milton (besides the self-serving part of me that needed more cute dog pictures), is that it wasn’t entirely off the mark for a book related theme for a post. You see, I myself am the proud mother of not one, but two precious furbabies – Ducky and Mr. Ping. They are the absolute loves of my life and they both, to varying extents, require me to include them in my reading routine. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve inevitably seen pictures of both – I’m that pet owner.

Today I’ll be introducing you to Ducky but expect a future post about Ping!

Of the two kiddos, Ducky is certainly the more laid back of the two, though that might just come with age as he’s quite the old man. He’s somewhere between the age of 13-15. Approximately. It’s difficult to know as he was picked up off the streets as a stray. As an old man puppy, there’s nothing he enjoys more than sleeping. Especially in my bed or in a puppy bed at my feet, which means that I typically have a very sleepy cuddle bug with me at all times when I’m reading. We don’t go on as frequent of walks or as long of walks as we used to, but I’ve definitely been known to listen to an audiobook on our longer walks as well.

As I vaguely hinted at earlier in this post, Ducky is an adopted lil bugger and he came into my life back in 2011. I had dropped out of college to take care of my mental health and was living back home with my parents while working in a dog grooming salon – a job specifically picked out so that I could work with as little human interaction as possible (basement by myself with a ton of dogs – what could possibly set off the anxiety there?) We had a family dog but he was getting up in years and I wanted a corgi more than anything. I was on petfinder and every corgi rescue site I could get my hands on trying to find The One™.

As you can plainly see, things didn’t go according to plan. I ended up finding this super homely picture of a dog that was supposedly a corgi/chihuahua mix (we’re still not entirely convinced but I don’t care) that was ‘a cuddlebug who loves nothing more than snuggling’ who was in desperate need of love and a house after just barely making it to the rescue after being in a kill shelter. He also looked like a miniature version of our old man, Bear. He was in the next state over – a four-and-a-half, almost five hour drive away. ROADTRIP!

Adoption road trip!

Right out the gate, he ended up being more work than we bargained for (or than the rescue led us to believe he’d be). I should have known from the moment they sent us home with a belly band for peeing the house that something was up with this ‘potty-trained’ dog. On the ride home we learned that he was ridiculously scared of men – growling and lowering himself on the ground if a guy so much as walked past the outside of the car. I’d just gotten out of a pretty nasty breakup at the time so honestly, we were united on this front. But it wasn’t just men – he was anxious af (relatable af). He also had a proclivity towards lifting his leg on food he found on the ground (one time a ham fell out of the grocery bags as we were unpacking and reader, let me assure you that after the things that were done to that ham, no one wanted any), anything that might resemble garbage, and honestly, any sort of vertical surface that he felt necessary to claim as his own. You can take the dog off the street but you can’t take the street entirely out of the dog. He also has some tracheal damage that makes him cough and honk quite a bit. Gross and irritating to some but honestly, trademark ‘Yucky Ducky’ at this point in time.

I’d also like to point out that he was adopted with the name Dusty. Personally, I don’t see it. And the nugget never really responded to the name either. We did tell him he was ‘a lucky ducky’ a lot and he’d come running from wherever he was. I’m inclined to believe his old name was Lucky but yalls, no dog named Lucky is ever really all that Lucky and I wasn’t about to tempt fate like, that so Ducky it was! And we were best of buds from then on!

I ended up going back to school two years later and when I went off to finish up my degree at a state school I couldn’t take Ducky with me so my mother, GRACIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL PARENT THAT SHE IS, watched my vaguely naughty and kinda nasty boy for me for three years. And a year after that because I couldn’t find a dog-friendly apartment in a college town before my lease had to be renewed (technically, Ducky is an emotional support animal and has documentation for it but my anxiety demons dictated that until we got somewhere with thicker walls and actually allowed dogs, I didn’t want to risk pissing off neighbors if he started barking while I was out of the house). It is very important that you understand that my mother is a SAINT. Obviously I was going back home and visiting the dog as often as I could but my mother is just not Ducky’s #1 fan (see behavioral issues above) and I’m forever grateful that she took such good care of babyduck for me while I wasn’t able to.

Just this fall I finally managed to get a pet-friendly apartment. The great Ducky reunion happened. It was glorious. It still is. As much as he’s my support animal, I’m his emotional support human. His anxiety has certainly mellowed with age but we both just do better together. While he has been known to knock a book out of my hands if he’s not getting sufficient attention, he’s definitely my Book-Time Buddy, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Not even a real corgi.

I honestly could go on about Ducky for 300 years so if there’s anything else you want to know, ask below! Want to share your pets with me? Omg, please do! 😍 Feel inspired to make a Book-Time Buddy post of your own? AGAIN, OMG, PLEASE DO! And feel free to link to it below because I definitely want to see!

3 thoughts on “Book-Time Buddies: Ducky”

  1. D U C K Y!!! I’m having all the heart eye emojis right now. I would die for Ducky. Such a precious baby! And his little socks are giving me all the feels. I’ve never met him but I just love him so much. And I can’t wait to read about Mr. Ping!

    Liked by 1 person

      The socks literally got us through the arctic blast this winter (he bites at shoes/boots until they’re off) and I’m just so grateful I couldn’t resist clearance socks at the pet store.

      I am also just now realizing I still haven’t made a Ping post. WORST FURMOM EVER. Maybe coming soon? We’ll see!


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