April Wrap Up

April was quite the month for me. After meaning to get this blog up and going for years (not an exaggeration – I am the procrastination queen when I want something to go well and am afraid of failure), I’ve finally gotten through my first full month of blogging! In addition to (sorta) writing on here, real life was a little busy with sick furbabies, a birthday, and much more! I didn’t realize just how much went down this month until I sat down to write this post!

The Books

What I read:
This month I only ended up reading 8 books. This is on the low end for me and I think the biggest factor impacting this was that I started so many books and never finished them before picking up and starting another book (I’ve managed to get my ‘currently reading’ list down to about 16 books right now which is a record low for the year but still pretty yikes). The good news is most of those books were actually pretty stellar and those that weren’t still had some really good parts.

What I bought:
So, I fully intended to have a list of books to share here but when I was compiling everything together I came to the realization that I bought WAY TOO MANY BOOKS. Nearly 40 Kindle purchases? Over 20 new books on my shelves? Self-control? Who is she? To be fair, I had a lot of money thrown my way for my birthday, my tax returns came in, and I just got a raise/bonus at work so I felt owed a bit of a book-buying spree. Needless to say, I went a little overboard but I’m happy and have SO MUCH to read. And my bookshelves look better now. I also am always looking at sales so I can snag more books without feeling as guilty about the state of my wallet. That and I have various sources of amazon gift cards that automatically go towards more books, so it’s not really as bad as it could be, I swear! Some highlights from this month’s numerous bookhauls include:

Been waiting on pre-orders for the first two for what feels like forever! I read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo earlier in the month and then, the day I was off to buy it at Barnes & Noble I found it at a consignment shop for $2! Devouring Gray was a sort of impulse buy – my mother wanted to take me book shopping and had a coupon and I’d heard so much about it that I ended up picking it to take home with me. Twinkle was actually a gift from my aunt for my b-day but I’m still counting it. It’s my favorite Menon book and I really wanted a physical copy ๐Ÿ˜ย 

The Blog

This was my first month really blogging on here! On the 2nd I sat down and customized the blog, renamed it, and got things rolling. Once upon a time I truly loved writing and didn’t go anywhere without at least one notebook that I’d be scribbling in constantly. Then school took its toll and I almost became afraid to write. I was hyper critical of everything that went on the page. This blog is me hoping to get back to loving writing. As a result, things are going to be slow at first. I’m still super uncomfortable sharing what I write but we’re slowly getting there. I made 13 posts this months and even put two reviews out there. A lot didn’t make it and were deleted before they saw the light of day. I’m hoping to get more out in May!
I also hit the 50 follower mark on here which is insane! I appreciate every single follow and while I know my self-worth isn’t measured in likes, it truly makes me happy every time I see a new page view or a new like. Thank you all for joining me here!

And Real Life

Real life this month was a bit hectic but also had some good results. My sister got a puppy (still unnamed last I checked but she’s cute as heck!). My mother killed her laptop but I managed to set her up with a chromebook that matches mine – it feels good to be able to provide for my family when they need it? I also got a chromebook (a cheap refurb, but still!!!) this month to replace my laptop that died when I moved in the fall. As I started writing, I realized that while my desktop is really nice, I missed having something portable and easy to write with. I’m hoping that this will make it so blogging is more accessible to me. And make for happier furbabies who can snuggle with me while I’m writing – Ducky pretty much lives in my bed these days.

Speaking of the kiddos, this month got crazy pricey and stressful with vet visits! Two, almost three visits to the vet and a couple rounds of antibiotics later, I have two healthy boys and a much smaller dollar amount in my savings. Totally worth it though. More than even books, the boys are my life so sick boys = stressful af and happy boys = happy mommy.

I also got to the library for the first time in months which was a lot of fun! I haven’t really gone to the library all that much since I’ve moved. I missed my old library and the new one was much smaller. I was, however, able to find some really great books and now that it’s warmer out I think I’ll be visiting a lot more!

It was also my birthday this month so I got to see a lot more of my friends and family than usual which was great! Sushi with my mom, texts and calls from my sister and aunt, book shopping with my friend – it was all fun and a great way to reduce stress. I will say, this is the first birthday I’ve ever really felt sorta … stressed about my age? I’m starting to feel old and I never thought I’d be the type who let their age get to them.

And slightly book related – I bought craft supplies to start doing book mods. I vaguely hinted at this project on twitter a while back but it’s been fun getting back into crafting. Right now my ‘big project’ is making a press to hold my books shut so I can do detail work along the edges. I’m not saying I’m working my way up to a galaxy edged copy of Once & Future but like, there’s been a lot of galaxy painting practice going on over here!

Overall, it was a book-filled month and I’m looking forward to seeing what May brings!
How was your reading in April? Any releases you’re excited about in May? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “April Wrap Up”

  1. sounds like a lovely month (apart from the puppies and vet bills!) and I also just finished my first month of book blogging so we’re in this together!


  2. First, happy birthday again! I still feel terrible I missed it the day of…. I know it was the day of Elliott’s surgery, but still! Birthdays are fun and exciting!

    Save the Date and Let’s Talk About Love are both on my TBR! I’ve heard really good things about both of them, I hope they were two of your stellar reads!

    Holy moly you got so many books and I’m so incredibly happy for you! Congratulations on getting a raise at your job! I’m glad you were able to splurge on yourself in April. Self-care is important! The Devouring Gray is INCREDIBLE so I really hope you love it. That was a good impulse purchase!

    Happy one month of blogging! 13 posts is great and I’m super proud of you! Sorry I’ve been absent and behind on your posts, but I’m going to try and get caught up tonight. I love your content and I’m happy you’ve started blogging more!

    Your sister’s new puppy is SO CUTE!! Keep us updated on its name? I’m so sorry your two babies got sick, but I’m thankful they are feeling better now. Was it just a weird bug they got or is it something long term?

    My two favorite read from April was How it Feels to Float by Helena Fox!

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