State of the Blog Address?

With Regards to Reviews

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t posted a whole lot of reviews on here. There are a couple reasons for that.
1) I get extremely anxious about writing. I’m working on getting over that and that’s part of what this blog is here for – to get me excited about writing again.
2) I AGONIZE over numerical ratings. They change for me each time I read a book. My feelings on a book definitely depend on my mood and my preferences and I definitely don’t want to send someone away from a book that they could love just because it contained my pet peeves.
3) I feel like I should just pick a format and stick to it and I literally have over a dozen pages in a notebook right now filled with review style/formatting ideas. I can’t decide.
4) I’m always afraid I’ll leave something important out. Something I overlooked while reading, something I LOVED but forgot while I was writing, etc.

What does this all mean? I’m going to start writing reviews however I feel like and stress less.
You’re also probably not going to see any sort of numerical rating system from me here. I presently don’t review for anywhere that requires a numerical system anyways, so I’m good on that front for now.

I’m also probably going to start putting spoiler-ish type things in white text with a warning? I don’t like having reviews with spoilers so I’ll avoid them most of the time but I also created this blog so I could scream about books in a place where I might find others who feel the same way.

That all being said, I have between half a dozen and a dozen book reviews started and sitting in fragments in my drafts. I hope to start pushing them out later this week. Fingers crossed!

And the Blog as a Whole

Also, posts are still going to be sporadic. I’m still having health problems. I’m trying to get it all under control without going to a specialist because I’m living as a single income household with two special needs pets and doctors cost $$$. Please be patient with me! I promise I’ll get back to better content later but for now it’s just posts in-between bouts of feeling so awful all I can do is lie in bed and wait it out.
This also means I have less access to books. I might start doing more non-book content? Maybe? We’ll see. Libby has been a total save lately! My libraries even added a bunch of new books lately so I’m not stuck with the same old material.

I’m posting this partially as an update and partially so I have something out there publicly to sort of have some sort of accountability to push through everything and get some posts and reviews up again.

Thanks for sticking around, everyone!

3 thoughts on “State of the Blog Address?”

  1. I completely support you not using numerical ratings in your reviews! On my blog, I never include a rating and instead let my review speak for itself. When it comes to Goodreads and Amazon I include star ratings when I cross post my reviews, but those are the only places.

    It’s also completely okay if your formats change between reviews! The majority of mine are in paragraph form because that’s just how I write, but there was one book (Aurora Rising) where I wanted to write a review but just couldn’t compile all of my thoughts into paragraphs. It wasn’t working. So instead I did bullet points of the thoughts I had while reading the book and interjected a few times when I had more to say about it. Different styles keep things fresh and fun! Also, if you notice that you left something you feel is important from your review, you can always go back later and edit the post to add it!

    I really hope you start feeling better soon. I love reading your posts, but please take time for self-care and for your health!

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    1. Ah! Honestly, I’ve started noticing a lot of other people not doing numerical reviews and I like it. I saw a conversation the other day about how someone’s favorite read of the year wasn’t their highest rated read of the year and I honestly would never have had that takeaway based on a numbered rating system. I feel like it takes away a lot of nuance.

      I’m trying to work up the confidence to cross post my reviews to goodreads but I think even when I do, I’m not sure I’ll include a star rating.

      Also good to know on the formatting. I’ve been reading blogs for years now but really never paid too much attention to formatting and such until I was writing on my own and I’ve been overly stressed about it. I know this is a hobby, but gosh darn it – I want to do a good job!

      Thank you! I think I’m finally starting to feel better (extreme diet change to the rescue?) and super thanks for always taking time to read and comment – I mad appreciate it 💖

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      1. It feels freeing not giving star ratings to books sometimes. I actually tried not doing it to Goodreads, but it bothered me too much with how all my other books did have ratings but then the new ones didn’t.

        And I love how everybody’s formats are different. I think I’d get bored if everybody wrote reviews the same way.

        I’ve been feeling icky lately and I’m hoping a diet change will help too! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. And of course. Your blog is one of my favorites.


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