It’s National Poetry Day!

I’ll be fully honest with you – this isn’t a day I usually pay attention to. Until very recently I really only read poetry when forced to do so for classes and even then it was grudgingly. Then recently I gave novels in prose a chance and found that I actually enjoyed them. Even more recently, I picked up a few poetry books and to my surprise found myself enjoying them as well. I’m not sure if it’s a mood thing or not (most of the poems I’ve found are pretty sad or heavy and it aligns perfectly with my mood), but I’m pleasantly surprised and have found myself trying to get my hands on as much as I can.

Because it is National Poetry Day I thought I’d share what I’ve been reading and what I want to read as well. I’m also going to throw it out there that I would probably die for some sapphic love poems. If anyone has any suggestions, please help me out! I’ve been struggling to find poetry books at all. Halloween or like creepy poetry would be a delight too? I may be a low level google wizard but I just can’t seem to find the right search terms to give me what I want.

Women Are Some Kind of Magic Series by Amanda Lovelace
So, I feel like these are the collections I hear about the most. I’m only partway through the first book right now and haven’t reached any of the happier poems yet but every is very emotionally raw and kinda devastating – especially if it’s content you can relate to. I also like that the poems seem to follow some sort of chronological order and tell a story as a whole.

Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across by Mary Lambert
I’ll be real with you – I had no idea the author was a queer artist until I’d had this on my kindle for a while. I believe I purchased this along with a slew of other recommendations around June just so I’d have ample material to choose from for Pride Month. I’ve been promised poems about the queer experience and body positivity but I have yet to pick up the book to see what it’s like.

The Universe of Us by Lang Leav
Leav is another name I came across quite a bit. While I believe this is actually their fourth collection of poems on love, this one spoke to me the most because of the celestial theme. There’s just something vaguely romantic and poetic about the planets and stars that made me feel that this would be the one to pick.

Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill
Poetic retellings of beloved fairytales with a feminist twist? The part of me that lives for retellings is screaming for me to read this already. So much so that I actually went out and bought the book instead of trying to track down a copy. Don’t tell my bank account though – it still thinks I have a buying ban in place!

Beastgirl and Other Origin Myths by Elizabeth Acevedo
I feel like most people know about Acevedo’s novel in prose, The Poet X – and for good reason. It’s absolutely stunning and can definitely be credited as sort of the gateway that lead me to reading poetry in my adult life. However, once I found out that she had a poetry collection, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Still working on tracking down a copy but I definitely cannot wait to read this!

The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
So, I had to throw at least one prose novel in here. The Black Flamingo released earlier this year and is about a gay biracial black boy discovering drag and himself. The description alone sells me entirely on the book. This was a 2019 release I was really excited about so I cannot wait to read it.

While today is National Poetry Day, there are two other culturally significant things associated with this date and I’d be remiss not to mention them, so here goes nothing.

So there you have it! Do you enjoy reading poetry? Do you have recommendations? (Someone give me happy poems, please!) Let me know below!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go read some poems (quickly, before the mood disappears!) ❤️

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