Top 5 Disney Villains ft. Villain Novels

This Blogtober prompt from Anniek and Haf was just too good to pass up! To view this and the rest of their #Blogtober Challenge prompts, check out this post.

This post looks good if you view it on my blog and not in the reader. I put effort in, I swear!

ft. A Whole New World by Liz Braswell

ft. Heart of the Moors by Holly Black

ft. Escape from the Isle of the Lost
by Melissa de le Cruz

ft. Poor Unfortunate Souls by Serena Valentino

is underrated and doesn’t get the love she deserves

Colourpop did a villains line of makeup and overlooked her. SHE WEARS THE MOST EXTRA MAKEUP. She doesn’t have a novel. She gets no merch. No respect, I tell you.

She also looks a lot like Prinicpal Amzy, doesn’t she?

Who are your favorite Disney Villains? Non-Disney villains? (Mine is definitely Eris from Sinbad. I was so tempted to add her to this list because she is a gift)

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