My Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

Blogtober day 10! This is by far the longest posting streak I’ve ever had and I don’t know how people do this daily. While I’m at work I have all the writing ideas and energy and by the time I get home I’ve entered a vegetative state where all I can really manage is basic cleaning, some video viewing, and if it’s a good day I can maybe read a bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some reviews up on here next week but until then I’m forever grateful for Anniek and Haf‘s #Blogtober Challenge prompts which you can find here! Today’s prompt is a reading challenge update!

So, last year I set a goal of 50 books and by the time the end of the year rolled around I had read 97 books. I decided to push myself this year and go for 100.

I actually got my pretty confettied up congratulations on September 13th! Given that the middle of the year got a little slow and I was behind for part of the year, I can tell you – it felt good 😎 This definitely puts the pressure off for the rest of the year and I can take it at whatever speed I need to.

My first five reads of the year were all pretty solid reads with one absolute favorite. Lookin at you, Bone Witch 💖

My latest five reads are also, honestly, pretty great with two favorites. Seriously, the only one in this row that’s more meh than anything is Life After Legend II and it’s only 5 pages long so is it really fair to pit it against these others?

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. The Bone Witch is indeed in there twice. Sometimes when life gets rough, I need familiar book buddies to help me get through whatever I need to get through. Work has been particularly *wet fart noise* and with losing Ducky thrown in the mix, I’ve been having audiobooks going to help make work a little easier. This certainly won’t be the first nor the last times that these two books help get me through rough patches.

So, that’s how my reading challenge is coming along. How are you doing with your challenge? How do you decide how many books to read? I’ve seen people with hundreds of books read this year and I’m so impressed! Whatever your goals, I hope your reads have been wonderful!

2 thoughts on “My Goodreads Reading Challenge Update”

  1. Brittany Morris was like 20 minutes away from me for an event but I couldn’t go because it was when Elliott was in the hospital and I’m still salty about it…. Slay sounds so good!!

    You completing your Goodreads challenge on a Friday the 13th is giving me the feels.


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