Why Autumn is the Best Time for Readers

Blogtober day 11. I feel like I’m back in college and about to submit my homework that’s due at 11:59 at 11:58 with this post today. Honestly, the goal was to have a bunch of posts at least partially drafted before October even began. Life said no, so these last couple days have felt a bit like living on the edge. The goal is to get some posts written up over the weekend so we don’t have a repeat of this week but knowing me, that’s not getting done. Once again, I’m being saved by a prompt post, this time from Jenniely! (thanks!)

Why Autumn is the best/worst time for readers.

Autumn is obviously the best time for readers and I can tell you why in two words:
Blanket. Nests.
Autumn is like the perfect temperature for wearing some cute fuzzy clothes and cuddling up in a blanket pile with whatever your hot beverage of choice is. I’m more into tea or coffee myself but cider seems more in the spirit of the season. And it’s ideal for this because it’s not too hot, nor is it too cold.

And while it’s too cold for puddle stomping and rainy romps, autumn showers make for the perfect reading soundtrack. You know, for when you’re all snuggled up in your blanket nest but need background sounds.

And with the fall comes October, the month of Halloween, and with the spook month upon us, everyone starts sharing all the delightful spooky reading lists and Halloween themed readathons. Now, obviously spooky reads are great year round but come this time of year everyone seems to be crawling out of the woodwork with all their witchy reads. All the horror. We’ve got necromancers and monsters everywhere. This is the stuff I live for.

This last one I haven’t done in a while but I might do it again. Fall used to mean making leaf bookmarks. We’d all go out together and look for the prettiest leaves we could find and then we’d laminate them so we could have the bright colors of fall stay with us throughout the winter. I haven’t really done this since I moved out on my own and I feel like I should start doing it again.

That’s it for today. We’re keeping it short and simple, definitely just for the chill vibe and not at all because I’m sick and have been up for 24 hours now. What are your favorite things about reading in the fall? Not a fan of fall at all? Go ahead and break my heart in the comments below.

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