The Wrath and the Dawn and Other Young Adult Webtoon Adaptations

I’ve been summoned back to my blog from beyond the grave by the launch of the Webtoon adaptation of The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh. This is one of my favorite books and I’m beyond excited to read the webtoon! “How favorite?” you might ask. The kind of favorite that made it the only book I could read for the last month as I slogged through a horrible reading slump. And in that time, I read it more than once. You know those comfort books that you know you can always return to? This is one of those for me.

Now I’ll confess – I’m not the most avid web comic reader. I’ve had the Webtoon app on my phone forever and it was just one of those apps that I’d get notifications for new chapters that I’d promptly dismiss and ignore. In fact, I’m so good at ignoring new chapters that I have about a year’s worth of updates to get through for some of my subscriptions! However, with the recent trend of young adult novels getting Webtoon adaptations, I see myself being on the app a lot more and dare I say, even reading every now and then. Scandalous, I know. Me? Reading? Who do I think I’m kidding. BUT IT COULD HAPPEN!

As I briefly mentioned before, The Wrath and the Dawn is the latest in a string of young adult novels to be adapted into comics on Webtoon – other notable titles being the heart-wrenching historical fiction, The Weight of Our Sky by Hanna Alkaf and the queer, magical, dystopian sci-fi The Fever King by Victoria Lee. From what I’ve seen from the book community on Twitter (which is, admittedly, limited to the feed I’ve curated for myself, so a little biased), these comics are being well-received by readers of the source material as well as those who haven’t read the original books but would like to delve into their worlds.

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry and I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells are also among the YA titles that making their way onto Webtoon though I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of either title prior to their web comic incarnations. Given that these are both older publications (both released in 2010), I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in this. Rot & Ruin is expected to be released sometime this fall and I Am Not a Serial Killer is slated to be a spring 2020 release.

Publishers Weekly reports nine titles total to come from various publishing houses. If I’ve done my job right, The Wrath and the Dawn brings us to title number five. With five titles accounted for, what are some titles you’d like to see fill the remaining four spots? Do you think these adaptations could convert you to a Webtoon reader if you aren’t already? If you’ve read any of the comics, what are your thoughts so far? I really want to know.

I’m personally beyond excited to see more YA titles make the jump to Webtoon and hope that these adaptations succeed enough that we can see even more adaptations to come. I think it’s a really cool direction for publishers to be taking as opposed to the TV/movie route or even the graphic novel route. The weekly chapter format makes it all seem less formidable and a quick, fun activity while keeping it in the realm of reading that we all, clearly, love.

Links to the Webtoons mentioned above can be found below:
The Wrath and the Dawn
The Weight of Our Sky
The Fever King

3 thoughts on “The Wrath and the Dawn and Other Young Adult Webtoon Adaptations”

  1. There’s also Not Even Bones, Rot and Ruin, I Am Not a Serial Killer. I’m really excited to see more books being produced into webtoons since they seem much better than film adaptations.


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