Kindle Deal (4/15/20): Warcross Series

I know these are tough times we’re going through right now. We’re all figuring out how to lead our lives while cut off from what we’re used to. As readers, we’ve lost access to some of our usual comfort haunts – libraries and bookstores. While Overdrive and Libby are wonderful resources, if your library is anything like mine, the availability of books has vanished as everyone is reading to pass time in their homes. One might be tempted to buy books to make up for this lack of availability and accessibility, but money is also kind of tight right now for a lot of us as many have lost their jobs. I, for one, am the only person in my entire family who still has a job.

As much as I am loath to admit it, retail therapy can be a powerful thing. I think we can all agree, as bookdragons, sometimes even when it’s difficult to pick up a book, we’re always good at acquiring new books. Even when we don’t need more. Dare I say, especially if we don’t need more. Our TBRs and piles of unread books could be threatening to bury us alive and we’d still find ways to get our hands on new books.

In the last month or so, nothing has quite made me as happy as finding kindle deals for books I love and want to read again, or books that I’ve been meaning to read. Or even ones that I’ve heard people talking about but never really looked into all that much. I know I’ve been buying sale books here and there and it’s really helped brighten my days.

I figure if something small like this can make my day a little better, it might do the same for others and I wanted to share all my little finds. Maybe someone else can find a little bit of happiness from a little sale book. I’ll largely be sharing books I’ve either read or am excited about but we’ll see how this progresses ❤️

Today the Warcross duology by Marie Lu is on sale for $2.99 each on Kindle!

Warcross: AmazonGoodreads
Wildcard: AmazonGoodreads

Reasons you should pick these two books up?
-The main character, Emika Chen, is a total badass. Like, seriously, badass.
-Who likes fast-paced books? Me! And maybe you, too?
-Even if you’re not a gamer, the action scenes in the game are fun and intense 10/10
-The world was really fun and interesting – just close enough to our world to be easily relatable but different enough to elicit a ‘hell yeah’ kind of feeling (it seems like it would be a ton of fun to live in a world with this technology!)
-I’m a sucker for books with virtual reality and this was well done!
-Just look at the cover for Warcross and tell me it’s not great (not all that important for an ebook, I know but look at it!)
-The twists keep you on your toes – some you can see coming and others take you by surprise
-The way the first book ends, you’ll be glad you picked up the second book as well!

BONUS: Are you a fan of Marie Lu’s Legend series? Warcross contains the novella Life After Legend which absolutely broke me

There we go! That’s it. My first post in months. Am I back? That remains to be seen! I’ve definitely been missing blogging as of late so I hope to be around more but my focus is horrendous. Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe and find happiness ❤️ -Shon

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