Bad Predictions: The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman

This post contains spoilers for the beginning of The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman and outlandish speculations regarding the conclusion. Please proceed accordingly.

While reading, I feel like we all have a tendency to try and predict how things will turn out, be they earnest predictions or promises of future you absolutely losing your mind should things go a direction you’d really rather they didn’t. It’s fun to try and find the clues the author has left around for us. Sometimes we get it right and other times we found ourselves so off it’s comedic.

While reading The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman this evening, I found myself unable to stop speculating about how things are going to play out. I have admittedly gone into this pretty blind. I’ve fallen a bit behind on keeping up with current releases and reviews and, to my knowledge, very few of my friends have read this book. I have no expectations other than that the blurb and author testimonials seem promising and I saw mention of Warcross vibes somewhere.

This all being said, I’m currently 36 pages (of 465) in and my mind is whirring trying to figure out where this is going. It is also at this time I cannot shake a nagging thought: If the love interest in this ends up being the shooter who killed our main character, Nami, I will scream.

On page 36, Nami regains consciousness to sight of a young man with green eyes (henceforth referred to as Mr. Green Eyes) after passing out in someone’s arms (presumably, Mr. Green Eyes). I haven’t read any further than this. My brain immediately fixated on the green eyes and I started trying to make guesses about things. His eyes are green, marking him as “special” (green eyes just aren’t that common) and likely a love interest. I’m also assuming that it was Mr. Green Eyes that rescued Nami and his arms she passed out in.

Okay, so I’ve definitely already decided this guy is the main love interest but I’m also recalling green being a descriptor being used earlier. Specifically, when we were learning what the shooter looked like. I flipped back and while his eyes didn’t have any descriptor, he was described as wearing a black mask and a green jacket and having a black pistol. Green feels an odd color for a jacket and it’s also a color for clothing suggested to people with green eyes to “make their eyes pop.” Coincidence? Maybe! No other physical descriptors are given for him, however, his voice was described as gravelly, desperate, and angry. This will become important later.

Before I dive any deeper, I’m going to state outright that there is no tragic backstory that anyone could spin that would convince me that one’s murderer would be a good idea for a love interest. Me coming to this outlandish prediction is strictly a product of my overactive mind absolutely spinning to try and make things fit together in any way possible. It’s definitely in the realm of conspiracy theory, so let’s step back and assess. How did I even get here?

I think my trust issues in this situation largely stem from the last book I remember reading that had an ‘afterlife’ premise. In this book, in the afterlife you aged backwards from your death age until you were reborn and somehow this lead to our protagonist, who died a tragic death at the age of 15, to somehow have a love interest that is a dead man in his mid-twenties. But don’t worry! He’s in the body of a 16 (possibly 17? it’s been a while) year old. He maintains all his life memories and has been watching over his wife ever since his death but now our young and very dead leading lass has his attention. But again! They’re both teens so it’s totally okay! 🙂 In the end, they never really came to the conclusion that they were incompatible and at completely different life stages, even as the 15 year old races to accomplish milestones they were never able to achieve before death with the assistance of the now teen-bodied man in his twenties. Not even after the man’s wife dies and finds him. No, instead our protagonist finds her older gentleman after they’ve both been reborn and they are together in their next lives.

I read this book in 2018 and it still haunts me to this day.

Circling back to the Infinity Courts predicition. We have just met a young man with green eyes. Green eyes. Green jacket. Somehow from here, my brain has done the mental gymnastics of carrying me the the following: 1) Mr. Green Eyes is our love interest and 2) I swear God if he is the killer …

I highly doubt this is the case. Surely I would have heard something about it by now. But at the same time, my thoughts just won’t let me know peace and so here we are.

The Prediction

Mr. Green Eyes is the shooter. In the afterlife he is part of some rebel resistance group that recruits newly dead to rise up against those converting and controlling the dead. He and Nami initially do not get along but over time they soften towards each other and eventually find themselves falling for each other. Green Eyes is perceived by Nami as hating her because he recognizes her and wants to keep his distance and keep his role in her death a secret. It was never his plan to fall for her.

Eventually, he decides he can no longer bear to keep his dark secret from her and confesses, tearfully, saying he never meant to kill her, just scare her and that, through some tragic backstory and awful circumstances, he was forced by some malevolent force to commit the armed robbery. Bonus points if it has to do with protecting a sibling because of how much this desire to protect a sibling would resonate with Nami and her love of her sister, Mei.

I’m struggling to believe this will actually happen because I cannot figure out what the author’s angle would be. “In death, all are on equal ground!” “What you did during your life doesn’t matter, we’re living dead in the here and now! That’s all that matters!” “Love knows no boundaries! Even your murderer could be your true love!”

Again, I see no real reason to think this prediction is in any way rooted in sound logic. I’ve just been burned by the afterlife before and apparently it’s lead to one hell of a ride on the irrational thought train.

So, this is me, picking back up at the mysterious stranger with green eyes. And here’s to hoping I’m completely and utterly wrong!

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